“What I’m very grateful for is that I have Troian with me in most of the scenes. Troian is such an avid professional that while we’re shooting super intense scenes, she’s present and she’s in it with me. It never truly ends until we’re officially done. Then she’ll eventually punch me in the arm and spit in my face, “Hey you!” and make me laugh. In fact, she’s an incredibly funny person. Sometimes, I can’t focus because she gets me laughing to the point where there are tears streaming down my face. She’s just such a great companion for dealing with material that is this serious. Moreover, she’s always respectful, always on time, fully prepared and always there for me. She knows me very well so it’s fun shooting with her.”








When are folks gonna learn?

Do we know which Home Depot in Charleston, IL to call to get this piece of shit fired?

1301 Fort Worth Way, Mattoon, IL 61938
(217) 235-0700

Tumblr is terrifying 

SMH. The guy may be a piece of shit racist, but that piece of shit racist might be the sole caretaker of children, or someone who’s relying on him working. IDK. You guys need to chill.

Maybe he shoulda thought about that before he publicly displayed his racism right next to the name of his employer.

Only white supremacists do what you just did, by the way, which is tell people responding to racism to “chill” while looking for a way to let a racist off the hook.